September 18 – November 6, 2020

Where’s the Revolution

4th Floor Gallery

Opening Reception: September 18, 2020

Where’s the Revolution, is an exhibition featuring political art commentaries curated by Marci Rubin. The role of a political artist is to express different points of view regarding global politics and social justice standards. Throughout history, artists’ works have documented and reflected the signs of the times. Examples of original political artworks in the exhibition include: commentaries on the political global climate in our past, present or future; peaceful protest banners & demonstration art; portraits of activists & key figures involved in government & social change; propaganda & satire cartoons; dedications & depictions of social movements. Paintings, drawings, graphic art, photography, video, and sculpture will be showcased in Where’s The Revolution.

Image: “Trick or Treat” by Dan Nelson

Participating Artists include:
Elijah Anthony
Pinar Aral
Tony Armendariz
Garrett Leo Augustyn
Nooreen Baig
Jens Brasch
Zachary Burgart
Sheri Butler
Carol Cairns
Sara Convery
Robert Cordero
Nora Flood
Michael Gallagher
Victoria Goite
Londyn Gooch
Anne Hanley
L.A. Hawbaker
Catherine Jacobi
Zachary Jesse
Kathryn Klingle
William Krug
Marina Kuchinski
Percy Lam
Maggie Ledbetter
Meredith Mays Espino
Christina Mighty
Mark Nelson
Darrin Patton
Kathy Blankley Roman
Marci Rubin
Rebecca Russow
Tatiana Soteropoulos
Patricia Stewart
Jill Sutton
John Terdich
Kim Thorstenson
Kayla Uqdah
Noah Wangerin
Tamara Wasserman
Aaron Wilder