Nov 17 - Dec 15


NOV 17 – DEC 15, 2023


POP! Art embraces a romance with popular modern culture while simultaneously critiques the commodity driven practices and values of consumerism. POP! Art is inspired by cultural icons, and personalities to fashion and design trends from commonplace objects. Bright eye-catching colors, innovative techniques and materials implemented from recognizable imagery such as signage, symbols, & branding, are adapted to produce mixed media / collage, painting / drawing / printmaking, photography / video, and installation / sculptural based art works. POP!, curated by Zak Blatt and Marci Rubin, features artwork that stimulates conversations regarding these popular cultural trends; past, present & future.

Cover photo: “Queen of the Hearth” by Monica J. Brown

POP! Artists

Amal Azzam

Jonathan Belair

Theodore Blackman

Louise Boruque

Jeffrey Brooks

Monica Brown

Salvador Campos

Bethany Cordero

Gar Crispell

Darrell Cruse

Josiah David

Andrew Dykun

Lonnie Edwards

Lorena Fleury

Robert Frankel

Yumi Fukuda

Lou AKA ThaloHalo Gabriel

Anne Farley Gaines

Spencer Gale

Michael Gallagher

Sara Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez IV

Set Gozo

Rebecca Griffith

David Hauptschein

Paul Hernandez

Andrea Herrick

Linda Horton

Devon James Darnell

Rialin Jose

Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Katie Luo

Sami Mark

Molly McGrath

Eli Merritt

Jill Nahrstedt

Daniel Nelson

Courtney Nzeribe

Darrin Patton

Lorraine Peltz

Alana Peters

Savannah Kleiner

George Lindmark

Yunyao Que

Jonathan Rivera

Rebecca Russow

Sabrina Sanchez Luna

Christine Schroder

Scott Smith

Sarah Spencer

Alicia Staples

Patricia Stewart

John Terdich

Isis Trebble

Jack Trojan

Obi Uwakwe

Debra Vaccaro

Lara Venema

Sindee Viano

Messejah Washington

Kathleen Waterloo

Jake Wedgworth

Connor Young