NOV 17, 2023 - JAN 5, 2024


NOV 17, 2023 – JAN 5, 2024



NOV 17, 2023; 7-10PM

Color is the visual perception based on the electromagnetic spectrum. Perceived colors possess the physical properties such as hue, colorfulness (saturation) and luminance. Within the visual arts, color theories are employed to govern the use of color, primary or tertiary, to produce artworks in either an aesthetically harmonious or in an incongruous approach to an individual artist’s practice. Homogeneous Hues, curated by Kelvin Taylor and Marci Rubin, features artworks created by Bridgeport Art Center’s artists whose primary subject is the exploration of a specific color or color palette.

Image Credit: “Galaxy 3” by Ann Latinovich

Homogeneous Hues Artists

Rose Staat

Alissar Najd Langworthy

Eli Merritt

Robert Gottschalk

Johnny Thompson

Uschi Bracken

Carlos Martinez

Emily Pruyn

Karen I. Hirsch

Kelvin Larue Taylor

Ann Latinovich

Katie Luo

Debra Couch

Constance Willoughby

Jennifer L. Hodges

Marci Rubin

Pamela Staker

Jens Brasch