Jan 19th - Mar 1 2024

Decadence Of Another Kind

Jan 19 – Mar 1, 2024

4th Floor Gallery

Opening Reception Jan 19, 2024; 7-10pm

“To Thine Own Self Be True” or “Keeping it Real In 2020s – Shakespeare offered this exhortation nearly 500 years ago and it must follow, as the night the day, that we are still seeking authenticity in an often confusing world. Let art lead the way, as these 12 artists have cracked the code in presenting their true selves to the world as Black Artists. Their varied approaches to art include textiles, paintings, sculptures and installations which galleries and curator September Gray says reflect both historical and cultural significance. This show presented in partnership with Pigment International will be radical in its simplicity and beauty.

Participating Artists:

Kevin Cole

Eleanor Neal

Kevin Okeith

Ato Ribeiro

Michael Scoffield

Freddie Styles

Gabrielle Torres

Basil Watson

Frank Schroder

Shirley Woodson

Jamele Wright, Sr.

Antonio Carreno

Preston Sampson

Artwork “Reborn” by James Wright, Sr.