March 17 – April 23, 2023

2023 IHSAE Exhibition

March 17 – April 23, 2023

3rd + 4th Floor Galleries

About ArtConnectED: Come celebrate with ArtConnectED. A decade of excellence in High School Visual Arts Exhibitions and Scholarship! Started in 2013, the IHSAE, now Art ConnectED is 100% powered by teacher volunteers and has grown out of the passion these teachers bring to making a difference for high school art students, and has since facilitated $620+ million in tuition scholarship offers to more than 3,000 students. ArtConnectED advocates for the power of art with exhibitions and other incentives for creative exploration and connections to innovative careers.

The Northern Regional Exhibition is one of Illinois’ largest and most influential student art exhibitions. Each year, over 150 high schools from across the state participate in this juried exhibition with the top entries in each category awarded prizes and recognition. This truly unique showcase celebrates artistic expression, achievement, and provides talented young artists with the opportunity to represent their school at a state level.

The Senior Scholarship Exhibition will exhibit some 300+ senior artworks and recognize scholarship offers totaling over $129 million dollars on top of other prestigious awards. This exhibition is one of Illinois’ largest and most influential student scholarship exhibitions. It’s truly a unique exhibition that serves both as a celebration of students’ artistic achievement and as a means of providing talented young artists with opportunities to succeed in higher education.

Each year, over 130 high schools from across the state participate in the IHSAE’s Senior Scholarship Exhibition, which is held in Chicago. Over 300 Portfolios are received each year. Each portfolio is reviewed by our collegiate sponsors for scholarship consideration and each scholarship recipient is reviewed by a judge panel for inclusion in the annual exhibition.

The Early College Program Exhibition will showcase approximately 40 underclassmen awarded, life-changing scholarships to summer college experiences. All registered high schools have the opportunity to put forth their most promising students to submit an Early College Program portfolio to be considered for scholarships by our participating college and university partners. These programs offer a fantastic and unique opportunity to underclass high school students that cannot be had anywhere else.

The Art Throwdown is a live, fast-paced, head-to-head, interscholastic Visual Arts competition where students face visually creative challenges for public viewing. Students put their artistic skills to the test, competing against other area Illinois high school students while the audience gets to witness the creative process first hand as they root for their favorites. Each challenge involves a 90 minute, hands-on, and creative problem to be solved. They are held in various art disciplines and media, such as drawing, painting, design, sculpture and digital photography.